Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ten Things I Find Hard To Do

1. Blog regularly. Obviously.
2. Not have seconds.
3. Heck, not have thirds.
4. Be scheduled. I am nothing if not spontaneous.
5. Shake things off. Today, a woman rolled her eyes at me when I accidentally cut her off. AS I WAS ROLLING DOWN THE WINDOW AND APOLOGIZING. I'm still not over it.
6. Work for a living. I wish I could wake up each morning and decide how I could contribute to the world that day. And still have housing and food, of course. Volunteer? Paint a picture? Babysit for a friend?
7. Cook a meal after a long day. 
8. Remember to take care of myself.
9. Actively listen on conference calls and sometimes, in conversations.
10. Be satisfied.

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