Monday, February 4, 2013

You Say Potato

You say cottage, I say I do not think this is cottage.

Today I decided a good walk through Target would lift my spirits. Well, my spirits weren't down, exactly, so I suppose it is more accurate to say that I decided a good walk through Target would keep my spirits from being stomped on and ground into a coffee like texture by Those Who Do Not Understand My Greatness Yet.

A new collection caught my eye:

 They call this the Modern Cottage Home Decor Collection. I'm not really seeing the cottage here.

I bought this mirror, which will hopefully resolve an ongoing mirror problem in one of my powder rooms (the problem being that I hate the mirror that's currently in there).

This is not a cottage mirror. My immediate thought was that it was a soft take on Hollywood Regency. These are Hollywood Regency mirrors (both for sale on eBay):

Similar, no? defines these lines as Chinese Chippendale:

Chinese Chippendale or Hollywood Regency or Modern Cottage? Who can keep up?

The Tarjay collection also includes this cockatiel lamp:

I did not buy the bird lamp, since a good friend has placed me on restriction from buying any more animal related decor, lest my home begin to resemble a petting zoo (it is possibly too late for this, nonetheless I behaved).

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