Sunday, March 10, 2013

Blogs I Read

There are some seriously fantastic people out there photographing and writing about their homes, meals, wardrobes, lives and everything else. I think I should tell you about them. Here are a few of my favorite reads:

Hooked On Houses
Written by Julia. She loves houses. She watches movies and television shows with one eye on the plot and the other on the decor. Considering I've longed considered a career in real estate just so I can roam other people's houses and get paid for it, I can relate to this. Considering I bought mobiles for my twins' bedrooms because I liked how the mobile looked in Boo's room (yes, Boo. The kid from Monsters Inc. As in the animated movie), I can relate to her blog. Blog love. Blog love all up in here.

The Something's Gotta Give movie house, as profiled by Hooked on Houses. Photo via.

Simply Seleta
Seleta lives in coastal Florida, and her entire life is incredibly picturesque. Part of that stems from her beautiful location, part from her eye for design, part from her gorgeous family, but most of it seems to stem from the fact that she's just happy with her life. She freely admits to the same frustrations and teeth grinding annoyances any woman/wife/parent experiences, but I personally find her blog a well styled escape. With horses. And horses go with everything.

A "pop up" bar, styled by Seleta in her living room. Photo via.

Young House Love
John and Sherry Petersik remind me of myself. What? You don't see the resemblance? No, we don't look like third cousins or anything - they remind me of the email exchanges I have with my close friends. My friends and I write. A lot. Via text and email we discuss and dissect... everything. Including decorating, complete with photographs, and the Young House Love blog reminds me of the emails I receive. Also, they can make, like, everything. As a person with lots of vision but a minimal amount of DIY talent for execution, I'm impressed slash jealous.

Gallery wall by the Petersiks. Photo via

Zsa Zsa Bellagio
I don't know who writes this. Maybe her name is Zsa Zsa Bellagio. Maybe her name is Jane Jones. Whoever she is, she has an eye and should be the photography editor for every publication on earth. She also posts a LOT. If you ever get frustrated that your favorite blog is not being updated (not that I know anything about failing to update a blog) - Zsa Zsa will set you right. Sometimes there are ten to fifteen updates. A day. Her blog is essentially a collection of gorgeous photographs highlighting the arts, life, home, food, and philosophy. And half the reason my Pinterest boards get updated at all.

An example of the stunning photography that appears on Zsa Zsa Bellagio. Photo via.

Sanity Fair
So what had happened was... the Washington Post profiled the apartment of Sanity Fair blogger Skyla. Full story here. I drank the punch, had a second cup. I'm hooked. Was it her living room? Or the perfect, perfect display of holiday cards from the White House over her bed? You be the judge. My only complaint about this blog is that this is a person who should have seven apartments to decorate, not just one.

Sanity Fair blogger Skyla's Living Room. Photo via.

Advanced Style
Most people don't think of senior citizens and style in the same thought. I think that's because most people don't pay enough attention to senior citizens. There are certainly plenty of 70+ folks who have no interest in fashion beyond what is comfortable and durable, but Ari Seth Cohen is busy photographing the other set of seniors. You wish you looked this good!

The cover of Ari Seth Cohen's book, Advanced Style. Cover photo via.

None of these bloggers have any inkling that I even exist. In the blogging world, they are cheerleaders and jocks and I am in the band. In the back of the band. The person who takes attendance for the band. Which, you know, fine: if I'm only hopping on here and there, I'm happy to just be on the bus. Or the field. In the bleachers?  Maybe I need another metaphor. At any rate, these blogs are a part of the reason I'm glad blogging exists.

Hope you enjoy them.

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