Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Do It Yourself Clearance

Target's so weird sometimes.

Imagine my pleasure when I stumbled across a Paint By Numbers kit by Modern For Kids, marked down from twelve dollars to two.

I ran down the mental path of summer happiness: whipping out a new activity for my twins in response to cries of boredom. I labeled myself a Very Good Mom right there in the Target aisle, weeks ahead of actually using the kits (surely you understand that all painting, washable or not, occurs outside on the deck).

Beautiful. I almost grabbed all the kits they had, but decided to only buy two so someone else could take advantage of the deal and be a Very Good Mom, too. Altruism. Holla.

Imagine my disappointment when the cashier scanned the kits and all sorts of alarms and beeps screamed from the register. The screen read, "DO NOT SELL THIS ITEM!"  The cashier took my beautiful kits and put them under the counter.  He said they were a recalled item. Then, just to make sure I couldn't convince him to give me the kits anyway (what could be wrong with a paint by numbers kit? Lead paint? Do they even make lead paint anymore?) the register went into lockdown. A manager had to come enter a PIN code and take the kits away before the cashier could continue to ring up the rest of my purchases.

I pointed out to the manager that there were still more kits on the shelf. He shrugged. He misunderstood me. I wasn't pointing this out for other people's safety, I was wondering why I had suddenly become a stock girl for Target. If they had time to enter the recall information and set off the dogs in the system, why didn't they have time to go pull the items from the shelves?

I smell a conspiracy. I'm unable to find anything online suggesting that these kits have been recalled, which can only mean that all the Target employees are saving the two dollar paint sets for themselves.

Which is NOT very altruistic. Boo.


Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

Hysterical...... I can only imagine. I love these kits too...a friend of mine got sick of hearing me say I wanted to paint something I think and she sent ME one. .... haven't noticed any adverse effects. :)

Annapolady said...
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Annapolady said...

More support for my conspiracy theory! :) Thanks for writing.