Monday, March 11, 2013

Let Your Fingers Do The Shopping

Am I dating myself with that title? It's from the Yellow Pages. Google it.

I decided to take myself Craigslist shopping and create a living room mood board entirely from things currently listed on the secondhand site. It was fun - there was no convincing the husband that it would be a good idea to give up his Saturday, rent a U-Haul and go pick up someone's (invariable very heavy) cast off furniture. Score.

It was also more difficult than I thought it would be, given the absence of the husband factor. My board is still missing side tables, for instance.  Mainly because I don't have Photoshop and used Powerpoint, and there's only so much room if I wanted the details to actually be visible.

Here's what I put together:
The total cost of this living-room-in-progress (no side tables, remember?) is $1,894. Not including the U-Haul.

Here's the breakdown of these pieces (which I now want - but please let me break it to the hubby, thanks).

This sofa anchors the room. It's longer than it appears due to some sort of blogger photo squish, coming in at 81 inches. It's listed for $150. I like the clean lined tailoring, and full cushions. This is a good example of transitional seating.

I only pictured one of these chairs on the board, but the listing was $150 for two. I would use both of them. I like the yellow and gray base these chairs help set with the sofa.

Love this pattern for "my" rug. It seems a perfect color match to the sofa, and I like how the pattern plays off the pattern on the chairs. It's listed for $75 and is 5 x 8. A great deal.

The Greek Key lower corners of this coffee table sold me. Listed at $380, it's a splurge in the world of Craigslist. I also like how the glass top and the open bottom would allow the pattern of the rug to be admired.

At $5, these books would look great on top of the coffee table, and more importantly, actually have interesting subject matter. You know, since the purpose of coffee table books is to actually have people read them. Novel idea. Pun way intended.

I picture this secretary on a wall opposite the two yellow chairs. And I have to admit to a little cheating here. This is a Queen Anne secretary, with the attendant swoops and swirls on the top. I don't mind the swirly look, but I thought in this particular room a clean lined top looked better. So I crop chopped the top. Say that three times really fast.

At $800, this is the room's big ticket Craigslist item.

I decided to go with plainer drapes as a backdrop. These are faux silk and listed at $30 for two panels. They'd hang on the $29 rod, which I'm pretending has more of an antique gold finish than it really does.

These two vintage lamps are my new boyfriends. I love how the Tiffany-esq blue of the first lamp pops against the sofa, rugs and chairs.  It's listed at $30, and sadly does not have a side table to rest on in my imaginary living room. Funny. That is also the story of several lamps that I own in real life.

The task lamp goes inside the secretary, to provide task lighting when the secretary is open and in use. Needs a smidge of polish. Listed for $15.

The final details (for this shopping trip): an oil painting ($125), a gold framed mirror ($95), and a set of art books ($10).

I don't know what the rules are for posting Craigslist photos. If anyone wants anything taken down at any time, just ask. I decided against posting links to the listings, since those links won't work anymore after a few days.

To find these items, I shopped Craigslist for Washington, DC., Annapolis, MD., and Baltimore, MD.

Now off to check UHaul rates. Just curious, of course. :)


Brandi said...

That brass coffee table is gorgeous. The Craigslist in your area appears to have a lot more to offer than what I've seen lately. So happy to have stumbled upon your blog today, now how do I become a follower?

Annapolady said...

Thanks for commenting!

You can follow me by entering your email address to follow by email at the bottom right corner of the page.

Have a great day!


Two Shorten the Road said...

I can get behind everything except the glass coffee table because last I checked you had 5 yo twins. Will they be banned from that room? :P

Annapolady said...

Alas, the room was just fantasy. I do have a glass topped coffee table in the basement, but there's solid wood beneath it. A full glass table is out of the question for a while...!