Monday, April 29, 2013

Norman Rockwell

 Norman Rockwell paintings make me stop and stare. Not in a, "I'm studying the nuances of this piece, or at least trying to look like I am, like a good museum patron" way.  His paintings are like peering into a window and not worrying about upsetting the neighbors inside. Not that I know anything about that. Seriously. No, but really - I don't.

Today, I found a new favorite: "Little Girl Looking Downstairs at a Christmas Party." What adult of a certain age can't remember being banished to bed, or the children's table, or the playroom, and thinking that surely whatever was happening with the grownups had to be much more interesting.

And also, the cookies on the adult side never seemed to run out with the same speed as the goodies on the kid side.

Here are a few other Norman Rockwell paintings I love:

"Freedom From Want"
The guy looking back makes this one for me.

"The Problem We All Live With"
Notice the tomato that's been thrown at Ruby Bridges as she is escorted into an all white school in New Orleans in 1960. The fact that US Marshalls had to escort her is a stunning reminder of how far the Civil Rights Movement has come, even though we still have many strides to make.

"Marriage License"
This one reminds me of wedding planning: for my husband and me, our wedding was the biggest event in our lives that year and a completely fascinating topic at all times (at least for me!). For the clerk at the marriage bureau place in Washington, DC - not so much. :)

"Triple Self Portrait"
A self portrait? Yawn. A triple self portrait? Now that's brillance.

Thanks, Norman.

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