Monday, May 13, 2013

Bar None

That's me: bar none. As in, I don't have a bar.

I really want a bar cart. Preferably something vintage, with just enough nicks to make it interesting, but not so many that I get daily calls from 1965 asking for their bar cart back. Ha. I slay me.

Isn't she purty?

This bar cart has proven to be quite elusive. Well, elusive within my price range. Until she rolls along (preferably via Goodwill. Holla!) I'm wondering where else I might stage beverages and appetizers - bevs and apps - or at least a station that is ready to serve bevs and apps should I  ever actually throw an adult party.

I have this nook on my first level:

As much as I'd like to blame someone else for painting a recessed nook that dark, muddy green, I have no one to blame but myself. Because of course the way to make a recessed nook less of an eyesore is to turn it into a black hole, said no one ever.

The nook was built by someone who envisioned a flat panel television in it. There are several problems with this plan. First, it is directly opposite a window, and I don't want to always have to close the curtains just to see a television screen. Second, the other side of the nook is a utility room with all sorts of space age water systems, HVAC, etc., and whenever someone runs water or flushes a toilet, it causes any television plugged into the cable outlet on that wall to blink and have an electronic seizure. Not good. Third, it severely limits the size of the flat panel television one can have because the nook is not big.

Last, we don't have a flat panel television in that room. Yeah, so there's that.

However! I can see a fresh coat of paint that lightens things up. The mirror is not the most awful idea, since it bounces light around in a room that tends toward gloomy, but it's not the right mirror. I see, perhaps, something round to contrast the rectangle hole and play off the nautical vibe of our neighborhood in a porthole sort of way.

And I see a gleaming set of decanters  and glasses (empty of actual liquor most of the time because we have curious young children about). The mirror in the photo is actually covering an outlet, so I could even get all fancy and bring something electric into the mix if the next mirror were not so large. Frozen margaritas, anyone? Hol-la!

There is also plumbing in the utility closet, so I could technically add a sink a la:


That inspiration pic makes me all kinds of happy, but notice how I've now taken a $10 fresh coat of paint and $50 mirror and turned it into a $3,000 renovation including plumbing, tile, and that fabulous sink (which may just be $3,000 in and of itself for all I know). This is why my husband prefers to weigh in on home renovation projects.

Still, I think the point here is lighter, brighter, paint and reflective surfaces. And mebbe some new lighting above.

My husband says displaying alcohol and its attrouements in the home will make it appear that we drink a lot of it.

And I think it's so cute that he thinks THAT'S what will make it appear as if we drink a lot of it, and not the case of champagne he lugs home on the regular.

Anyway. Bar area. Yay! Stay tuned.


MrsCarley said...

I have that bar cart! And it's even purdier in person.

Annapolady said...

Should you ever tire of it, you know who to call! Just make it before I install the new sink. :D