Saturday, May 25, 2013

Rock The Garage (Don't Rock The Garage, Baby)

Maybe I'm not a fan of parking garages in particular, so take this with a grain, but every time I visit the Annapolis Target I wonder if that will be the day its attached garage collapses.

I know buildings are supposed to sway and bend and give a little, but the Target garage is a little too flexible for my tastes. Driving out the other day, I noticed dips in the road, and then remembered that I wasn't actually on a road, I was in a garage. I could not reconcile the appearance of dips on what should be a flat surface, and as I was pondering this, my car bounced up and down.

I've definitely felt a slight vibration in other parking garages, but the Target garage is like being inside a moonbounce. And to add insult to injury, I can never quite identify which vehicle has caused the structure to jiggle and therefore end up coming to the conclusion that the garage is jiggling, baby, go 'head baby, all by itself.

(This is loosely related to why I spend too much money in Target. Being inside the store seems safer than being inside the store's garage. Once I get inside, it takes a bit of self encouragement to muster the courage to return to my car.)

There are other parking garages in the same shopping complex as target, and to date, I haven't noticed dips in the pavement or significant bouncy house jiggles in any of them. The other day, I met a friend for breakfast near Target, and I noticed she parked in a garage across the road. I will have to ask her if that was a deliberate act to avoid an unintentional amusement park ride.

I just might have to do the same.

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