Monday, June 3, 2013

Bar One

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned sprucing up a nook in our basement to create a dry bar.

I've started!

Yesterday, I primed the nook. You can see a before photo here. The paint color was pretty dark. I very very lightly applied the primer and will apply a second coat lightly, because I still have to apply the actual color and don't want a thick gloppy paint look. I'm sure there are other ways around this, but I'm not that talented.Or patient.

Same for my decision to not remove the outlet and cable connection covers. My husband walked by and said even with just the primer the space was looking better, and then asked why the covers were still on. "It's not that hard to take them off," he said.

It is hard if you are impatient and get bees in your bonnet to do something and then just have to be doing it. As opposed to preparing to do something. I realize this will only make sense to fellow crazy people.

And before I apply the actual color, I think I will remove the covers.

I think I'm also going to use the White Cottage Lattice Mirror from Target that I bought and haven't used or returned. I'm concerned that it will be too much with the drawings to the left of the nook - perhaps the nook will need something more streamlined than this:

We shall see. More painting at some point this week.

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