Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I'm opening an Etsy shop.

Soon. Eventually. Both soon and eventually. There are things I have to do first, namely:

1. Purchase a postal scale, so I know how much to charge for shipping (but not handling. I'll handle it for free. Ha ha).
2. Improve my photography skills. Not to National Geographic levels. I just need to produce sharper images than my children create with their crayons. Fuzz is so last year.
3. Do it.

The doing it will be the hardest part, since the shop will, initially at least, be for fun and not for income. As in, my motivation to keep it stocked will require feeding and care. I tend to like the beginnings of things, like Don Draper. Unlike Don Draper, this doesn't apply to my relationships!

But I digress. The other reason it will be difficult is because typically I want to keep everything I buy. My husband has declined to go in with me on four to five more houses, so I have to start channeling my tendency to pick up little this and thats (and sometimes big this and thats) into something productive. There may be a twelve step program involved in this part.

I have several items raring to go; here are two that I plan to list.

Solid Brass Horse and Driver 

Right? Isn't this funky and yet horsey all at the same time? No pun intended. It looks like something Ralph Lauren would have on his desk.  I picture it as one of a mismatched set of bookends myself.

There's a decent level of detail on this piece.

I also have this mini sculpture (less than four inches tall). I believe he's carved from soapstone.

I love him. He will be difficult to release - I love art, I love sculpture, heck, I even love soapstone. It all works. Currently, he's lost among a collection of other objects, and I think it's just not fair to him. So on Esty he shall go. Almost definitely.

What a magnificent carving.

I have no idea if these pieces were mass produced or one of a kind treasures. I do know that both pieces would make a bookshelf somewhere very happy.

Stay tuned.

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