Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Zoom Zoom

Last fall, our twelve year old Subaru died a dramatic and spectacular death. Basically it was running just fine on Tuesday, and then on Wednesday started emitting one of those noises that sounds just like a plea to call the mechanic. Said mechanic had us bring the car in, looked it over, and produced a novel's worth of issues that needed repair, none of which cost less than two thousand dollars.

Twelve year old car needing five figures in repairs? We drive a Toyota Venza now instead.

Apparently jealous, our fourteen year old Lexus is starting to let her lipstick wear off. And you've gotta hand it to her... she's fourteen years old, approaching three hundred thousand miles (Three. Hundred. Thousand. Miles!) and only started really sounding like a cranky old lady last year.

Well, okay. If I'm being honest, her radio display didn't work and she'd started trembling at any speed over 60MPH maybe a couple of years ago, but we'd retired her to local travel mostly, and it was no big deal. Even when the ES portion of the ES300 logo snapped off a month ago, I was okay. Mostly because I never drive that car anymore and out of sight, out of mind.

But now she's making a bad noise. A very haunting, similar noise that her Subaru brother was making last fall. This is not good.

So we're in the market for a second new(er) car. We want something small, for the gas mileage benefits and ease in city parking and driving, since my husband will be the primary driver and he works in Washington. This has led to several interesting discussions as well as my learning that my husband does not apply the term "death trap" as specifically as I do.

So I came up with a list of rules.

1. I do not want to compare gas mileage between multiple small cars. By getting a small car, we have already addressed the gas mileage issue. Yes, I know it can very wildly even between compact cars but seriously? We aren't getting another Lexus? I have already conceded on the mileage thing and do not want to think about it again.

2. I refuse to purchase a motor vehicle that is smaller than my current car's crumple zone. When it comes to being surrounded by steel while going seventy miles per, a little dab won't do ya. This means everything from Mopeds to the Smart Car is prohibited and will be mentioned in the divorce filing if this mandate is violated.

3. It has to be cute. I'm very likely giving up sexy and luxurious. I will not buy a bland vehicle.

4. Stop talking to me about whether or not it requires premium gasoline. See "gas mileage" above.

5. In fact, just let me present a list of cars from which we can select. Really, it just works better that way.

I'll report back.

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