Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Knock, Knock

I was reading a door knocker post on Young House Love and it inspired me to roam over to Etsy to check out door knockers. We plan to replace our front door (eventually) and will be replacing the knocker then (I guess)... who knows. I just felt like browsing through door knockers. And you know what I realized?

There are some fairly frightening door knockers out there. Observe:

Why, God, why?

Why would someone want a demonic cat holding its kill as the first impression for visitors? I mean other than families named Munster and Addams.

And speaking of demons....


Okay, but really? Ya'll need Jesus. What is this? I'm seeing a naked imp in boots sitting on a mushroom (I really hope that is a mushroom).

And up close, this does look like a bird...


... but let me shrink the photo a bit, and tell me that you don't see Jabba The Hut.


And this one?


According to the Etsy seller, this one is deliberately wiccan. I just wasn't aware that wiccans wanted to scare their families and friends to death, but okay. Consider me educated.

So yeah. Maybe when we get that new door, people can knock with their hands.

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