Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Why Annapolis?

It's... odd. It's strange. It's downright rude, but I still get asked this question frequently enough that by now, I should have an answer that both tells the truth and politely lets the person know that they should never, ever, ask another person the same question.

And the question is: "Did you move to Annapolis because it's cheaper?"

There are variations of this question. Who'd have thunk.

"Did you get more house?"

"Are prices better there?"

"Why did you move there - to save money?"


I could easily conjure up some reverse rudeness and begin to ask questions like, "Are you living with that sofa because you can't afford a pretty one?" or "Was that paint color in the discount bin?" but I do not. I also ignore that I am only asked this question when I am in one particular area of the country that I will not identify because most of the people I know there are wonderful. Even if they have some rather rude friends.

Why do we live in Annapolis?



I hope that clears it up.

All images via The City of Annapolis Photo Gallery.

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