Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Tale Of Two Lamps

During some recent cyber travels, I came across the idea of creating a list of words that define your style, and then not deviating from those words when shopping (I don't remember where I read this - will update this post when it comes to me).

This exercise is handy for people like me, who are kind of like that dog in the movie "Up." Hey look! A squirrel! Or in my case, "Hey look! A shiny object that doesn't remotely fit into my decor but I'll buy it anyway because my closets aren't jammed pack enough!"

So I happened into Tuesday Morning yesterday (totally not my fault that my car drove itself there) and saw two lamps. Here's the first:

Hush. I liked it. I thought it was funky and interesting, and I almost convinced myself that my kids wouldn't drop marbles and paper scraps into the little holes.

Then I remembered my list.

Updated Traditional
Clean Lined
Versatile (I like things that I can move into different rooms from time to time, so things I buy should go with the overall theme of my house)

And here are the descriptions I need to avoid, even if I like them, because they don't really work with what I already have.

Extremely ornate
In need of a major DIY effort (this took a LONG TIME TO ACCEPT)

So. Right. Funky is on my Do Not Call list. I can admire funky from afar, but if I bring it home, it will eventually end up in storage or at the consignment shop, after spending months sticking out like a sore thumb.

Of course I can make exceptions to this, and I think that good design means stepping outside of your comfort zone sometimes, but injecting something completely off your scheme is an expert move that I haven't mastered yet. I'll stay in the intermediate group for right now. They have good snacks, anyway.

I also saw this lamp:

A traditional shape with an updated finish (sort of a very thin, almost unnoticeable metallic sheen over wood). This is an updated classic. I could imagine it in my living room, my bedroom, my lower level family room, etc., whereas I was having a tough time placing the first lamp.

Forgive the crappy photo (both are iPhone photos, but the lighting in the store was much better, and the above pic was taken inside my somewhat dark house because yay! I actually bought the right one first for a change!

Ugh. iPhone pics. But you get the idea. It fits into the sitting area in my kitchen. It almost makes the hideous futon look better, but let's not expect miracles. The futon is leaving soon anyway.

Very happy with my new lamp, and extra happy with my discipline. And the second lamp was 60% off, so I snagged it for thirty bucks - half the cost of the first lamp.


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