Saturday, September 21, 2013


For the past few years, I have been in near constant pain. My pain, which is mostly in various joints, ranges from a teensy burn I can easily ignore to an orange forest fire of activity. Some days, I am literally dancing at weddings. Other days, I can't even go for a walk.

To date, a plethora of doctors have tried to diagnose why I am hurting. There's been a lot of cat and mouse, with one doctor becoming certain I'm dying of Disease A, only to have a second doctor assure me that I'm not. There have been frightening guesses (Lupus) and annoying ones (it's in my head). What there hasn't been is a cure.

I've been able to identify certain foods that trigger a flare up, and so I watch my intake of those (mostly things that are sweet). Unfortunately, while sweet stuff is one of the triggers, it isn't the only one. There are days I am in so much pain and then really annoyed because I might as well have had a cookie.

(And, to be honest, there are days I do have a cookie and I'm fine, and days I have a cookie and I get what I expected.)

(And, to be honest, when I say "cookie" I mean "cookies.")

I have never been good about taking pain medication. I forget about it. I become so partnered with whatever is hurting that I just accept that I'm hurting and forget to attempt to defeat it. I've been known to complain to my husband about a headache, and when he asks if I've taken something, I feel completely inspired as if I've never heard of an aspirin before.

And aspirin does take the edge of. Since my pain is of the inflammatory variety, I take an aspirin every day and more if necessary. It never completely takes it away, but it can dull it so I don't get into one of those defeated moods where I want to stay in bed all day (as much as any mother of five year olds gets to do that).

I hope that, one day soon, the source of my pain is pinpointed and overcome. I hope that I am one day not always actively aware of every point in my body where bone connects to bone. I hope to have an hour, an afternoon, a whole day where nothing hurts.

I hope.


kgiff said...

Hey lady, I can so relate. I don't remember the last time I had a pain free day. Most days they're just minor annoyances that I don't really give much passing thought too, but other days... yeah...

I'm sure you've tried a lot of things. Have you tried Flexeril? I don't think my pain is the same as yours, but when I do have a flare up, taking it for a couple of weeks before bed, seems to help a lot.

Hope they can figure out what's bothering you soon. <3

Annapolady said...

I have not tried it - I will bring it up with my doc - assuming it's not OTC? Thanks, K. I'm sorry you can relate. :(