Monday, September 30, 2013

Small Land

Saturday, my family took a trip to Ikea. Our "annual pilgrimage." Ikea is one of those stores that always has something handy, but isn't on our usual path. Going is a pee project - you know, those trips that you require potty visits from your children before everyone climbs in the car, because your destination's bathroom is so far away.

And because gas station bathrooms are generally gross.

Ikea has a play area called Smaland. With a Swedish circular accent above the "a" that I don't know how to recreate. True to their personalities, my daughter zoomed right in and my son chose to stay with us and go shopping. "I want to go buy things," he said, when we offered him the choice. He's his mother's child. And yes, that was my kid flopping onto all and every single assembled bed in the Ikea that afternoon. In his defense, if Ikea didn't intend for people to flop on the beds, they shouldn't make them up with seventy inches of sheets, comforters and pillows.

Anyway. When we were leaving, I saw a sign trumpeting the children's meals in the Ikea cafeteria. The first line said, "Children are the most important people in the world."

And I had a moment.

Because they really are. They are the mankind's most significant crop. The ten year old I'm kind to today may be the scientist who discovers the cure for what I'm dealing with later. The toddler I played peek a boo with in the check out line may become the teacher that changes the course of my grandchild's life. One day I might watch an inauguration and not even realize that the new president is that seven year old I once met who wouldn't stop talking.

I've always thought that adults should be nice to children because we've all been children. Someone was nice to each of us once. We should pay it forward.

We should pay it forward and try as hard as possible to be as nice as possible to children. Because really...

They're all we've got.

My youngest last year, by Heather Crowder


Nicole said...

I LOVE that picture of them! So cute and innocent looking.

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