Thursday, September 12, 2013

Space. The Final Frontier....

What to do, what to do.

I have a loft-ish space in my house that needs an identity.  Currently, we use it as storage, and I put shiny things on top of it so when I see it from the stairs, it doesn't make me feel bad.

This view is from the staircase. My house has split level style stairs; you can drop a coin from the top floor to the basement (I strongly discourage this with the children, however).

Over the stairs is this loft, accessible from the master bedroom. It's been a blank and empty space, a sitting area, an extra office, and now, storage. And I work on little crafts up there, like a mini makeover for this barometer:

Despite Google telling me that this Howard Miller barometer retails for $250, I found mine in a thrift store and am in the process of using Rub N Buff to make it entirely gold. Trust me, it already looks good that way. I'll post pics of the finished product later.

Back to the space.

To work on my projects, I have to stand, since there's no room for a chair. The space is about six feet long by MAYBE three feet wide. Teensy. It can either be a sitting area OR a storage/craft area, not both.

I can either buy a stool to use when being crafty (doesn't happen that often), or I can chuck the console that's in there, store more stuff in the garage, and change it back into a quiet sitting area (would be used more often. Late night reading without disturbing the hubby but not being downstairs all by myself comes to mind).

Right now the doors lead to nowhere... we could build a small porch off the area, or just keep it railed off and decorative.

So I'm deciding. I'm the decider. I will decide.


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