Friday, November 8, 2013

Green and Gray

I am very happy to have accidentally discovered how much I like green and gray together. It happened when I stacked a set of books that were black and gray in color on a side table in my living room. My living room has green furniture that I accent with blues in summer (coastal attempts).

Okay, I also accent it with blues in winter because I'm not a seasonal decorator.

And okay, I also change the accent colors in the room based on cute pillows I run across in HomeGoods.

And okay, I also change the accent colors if one of my children ruins said pillows from HomeGoods.

But I've never done gray pillow or accents on purpose. My walls are a linen color (literally, True Value's "Crisp Linen"), and when you place green furniture in a room painted Crisp Linen, the walls can read slightly green.

And the books looked good against the walls.

And I like green and gray now. 

I'll return later to add pics to this startling revelation.

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