Saturday, November 23, 2013


I'm having another Christmas card conundrum.

Three years ago, having failed for the entire year to have all of my immediate family in the same room as a photographer, I hit an Etsy artist up and she drew a cartoon picture of us for our card. 

Two years ago, having failed for the entire year to have all of my immediate family in the same room as a photographer, I skipped Christmas altogether and, come February, sent Valentine's Day cards instead.

One year ago, having failed for the entire year to have all of my immediate family in the same room as a photographer, I planned to send Valentine's Day cards again, since they had been well received. By the end of that January, I had decided to one up myself and pick a different holiday. I picked the Fourth of July. And then promptly forgot. July came and went; I sent zero cards.

The 2013 holiday season is closing in. I don't have a plan. Next week, when my entire immediate family will be in the same room, I plan to ask a family member to play photographer and take a few photos of us. The likelihood that this plan will produce a photo I am willing to mail to one hundred families is slim. We are hosting Thanksgiving; I do not have a large window of time to prep and pose for the perfect photo, since at some point during the day we need to actually roast the turkey. And a post meal photo - I'm not one hundred percent sure that could come together, either. Everyone will be sluggish, the kids will likely have dispensed with their best behavior and downgraded to just avoiding timeouts, I can't make any promises that my pants will still be fitting.

My husband suggested using a photo we took in Disneyland in August. It's missing one of our children. It includes a six foot mouse I'm not related to. I'm not sure the photo goes with the reason for the season, good tidings, family love feel I'd like our cards to have.

Obviously, the simple answer is to send cards without a photo. For people with children under the age of eighteen, this is an aggressive act of rebellion. Everyone does photo cards (my mom: if they all jumped off a bridge, would you? me: depending on why they were jumping, I just might, you know? I mean, maybe they're being chased?).

Maybe I should graduate to the family newsletter. The only problem is, while I find our life full and satisfying and joyous, if our stories from this year were on the cover of People magazine, I wouldn't buy the issue. We're just not that fascinating. And no, neither are the families of most people who send holiday newsletters, but I mean we're REALLY not that fascinating. Unless I ask my five year old twins to dictate the holiday letter...

...hmmm. I just may be on to something.

And if nothing pans out, well, there's always the idea of a very unique card celebrating the Ides of March.


kgiff said...

Use the mouse picture or go picture less. If you're really feeling creative, use multiple pics so everyone gets included at least once? Maybe snap one of the three kids immediately or use one of the twins and one of J?

Annapolady said...

Good suggestions. I will report on my progress!

Nicole said...

It the past I have done a collage of pictures from various points during the year. Given that we have the same photographer issue, that may be this year's plan as well.

Annapolady said...

Also a good idea! Now I just need to find a decent photo of a certain six foot someone....