Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Oh. Yeah. Green and Gray.

So like I was saying.

I'm digging green and gray. And green and charcoal, and green and black.  Here's a pic of the books I mentioned, since rearranged (again).

Yes, I have a coffee table book problem. I love them. As an avid reader, perhaps I should be embarrassed at the joy I get from leafing through what are essentially picture books, but I'm not.

Hmm. I need to center the books on top. But anyhoo.

Seeing these beige, gray, and black spines against the greenish linen wall got me thinking I should bring more gray into the room. I also looked around and realized I already had a few gray pieces lingering (art matting).

And then of course came the obligatory Googling to find green and gray decor inspiration.



Veddy veddy interesting. And gorgeous.

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My Notting Hill said...

I do the same thing - start googling when I think of something. I do think gray and green are pretty together. Love the stool in the last pic.

The brass lamp in my dining room is a vintage Jorge Pensi Regina by B Lux. Here's the link about where I got it in Atlanta. Hope you have a good weekend.