Monday, November 11, 2013

Picture Perfect

I'm not a design blogger; I'm a blogger who loves design. What's the difference? For one (out of many), a camera. I laze about my house projects and don't snap photos.

I'm not much of a photographer. At present, I don't even own a real camera (real being defined as a camera that doesn't also make phone calls and provide driving directions). I wish I could take the perfect picture, but my photos tend to fall in the recognizable, but never in danger of winning any awards or even being pinned to Pinterest category.

I was sitting on the sofa Saturday, when I turned my head toward one of my favorite sight lines in the house, which was being dabbled in a bit of golden sunshine:

I loved how the sun made the chair look like it was glowing hot. It felt warm and comfortable to look at. I didn't love the extension cord laying across the rug, that white piece of paper on the floor, or my son's wooden toolbox next to the lamp. Off I went to remove these intrusions and also straighten out the chair.

It was almost like Goldilock's experience after that. That one was too far away.

That one was closer, but the sunshine was laying lazily on the floor now.

And that one? Way too close - it reminded me that my walls are in dire need of a scrub. And the sunshine was taking a back seat here for sure.

In the end, the original photo, flawed with evidence of our real life, was the one I liked best. I'm not a design blogger, so I just don't know any better. :)

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