Friday, November 15, 2013


There's been a fair amount of debate about the intention of several retailers to open on Thanksgiving Day (and a response by those who will not open).

I am personally in the should not open camp. I realize police officers, military personnel, nurses, doctors and others will be at work on Thanksgiving Day. Heck, even some call center folks will be available to activate your credit cards and smartphones. I am going to toss these services into the critical category (well, maybe not the smartphones).

Everything else? Target?  Not so critical. But the biggest question I have is, why would you want to go shopping on Thanksgiving Day? Thanksgiving Day isn't about personal fulfillment, people.

On Thanksgiving Day, you spend quality time with your family on the beltway, on 95, on the Garden State Parkway. Not Walmart.

On Thanksgiving Day, you stand on your feet in front of your stove and oven for six hours. You do not stand on your feet at a jewelry counter.

On Thanksgiving Day, you eat to excess, making it necessary to spend all your post meal hours in the corner of someone's sofa. This is why football is on. It's sacrilege to plan to get off your butt and actually walk around after a turkey meal.

On Thanksgiving Day, you weave in and out of political discussions with Uncle Right Wing and Aunt Liberal. You do not weave in and out of crowds at the mall.

Shopping on Thanksgiving Day will destroy these long standing traditions. And then what? I suppose it will become the norm now to skip your cousin's wedding in favor of a movie. I suppose people will begin picking up their mail at midnight so they don't have to talk to the neighbors.

This is a slippery slope. Just say no to shopping on Thanksgiving, folks.

But say yes to extra mashed potatoes. Trust me.


Katie Olthoff said...

...and extra turkey. :)

You are a great writer. I love the "On Thanksgiving Day you..." part.

Annapolady said...

I totally thought if your blog when we were making the turkey! Also, I meant to comment on your food judging post. Next time someone judges, tell them they're welcome to come make the meal themselves! ;)

Tulips said...

"Uncle Right Wing and Aunt Liberal..." Genius!