Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Fatigue

I have it. I have it bad.

Not from a keep-the-Christ-in-Christmas perspective, although I am wary of allowing the focus of the holiday, in my house, to drift too far from the reason we're celebrating.

I am tired of Christmas accessories. The music. The decor. The colors. The trees. The lights. Please, make it go away.

I spied the very first Christmas themed whatchamacallit in stores shortly before Halloween. This means that come December 25th, we will have had a full three months of Christmas everything. It's a lot for a person like me. I'm not really a theme person.

I don't decorate for seasons. I don't do fallscapes and springscapes. If the flowers in my vases are seasonal, it's because those are the flowers that happen to be for sale. I'd do tulips and gerber daisies in November with no qualms. An arrangement of dried birch branches would suit me just fine in April. I like to fill my house with the stuff we generically like. The evidence of which season it is sprouts organically, on its own. In spring there are rain boots near the front door; in winter, there are snow boots. A bucket of beach toys is at the ready in July. Scarves and mittens hang from the coat rack in January. My same drapes hang year round and my pillows are usually changed less to seem summery or wintry and more because I found new ones I liked at Homegoods.

I'm not anti seasonal decorating. I'm not anti theme decorating. I just don't want to live with either.

So three months of Christmas is a lot. I'd been wondering why I felt ho hum pulling the Christmas stuff out of the garage. I spent quite a bit a time arranging lights and garland and carved skinny santas on the fireplace mantle, yet I've flipped the switch to turn it all on precisely three times in two weeks.

It's been Christmas for 25% of the year. I have heard approximately fifty two covers of Silent Night.

I have Christmas fatigue. I would say there is no cure, but just yesterday I noticed all the Christmas stuff in Tuesday Morning was already marked down 25%. And in one of the aisles, near the front, was a fledgling little collection of garden shovels...

...and Easter decor.

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My Notting Hill said...

I know what you mean. The holiday I can't get into decorating for is Halloween. We just put out the traditional carved pumpkins and that's it. All the other stuff overwhelms me.