Monday, December 2, 2013

Drawing A Line

Picking up a stomach bug right after notwithstanding, I had a great Thanksgiving and hope you did, too. The Thanksgiving part, that is. Not the stomach bug. :)

Since I am incapable of cleaning my house without including some sort of decorating project, the week before Thanksgiving I was a cyclone of activity - hanging new curtains, switching out hardware on a table, picking up a @(*&^ stomach bug that blossomed Thanksgiving evening... and finishing two drawings.

When we first moved into our house, I printed and framed maps of England (where my husband is from) and Africa (my ancestral home). It's a little lopsided, placing the one country against an entire continent, but 1) I don't know the African country I descend from (yet) and 2) I liked that the maps sort of silently told that story while giving homage to both our heritages.

It's also a little lopsided because technically, my husband's ancestral origins are at least partially in France. So my maps left out a few details.

And so do my drawings. Over time, the maps gave way to other pieces of art, but I still had a big wall upstairs that needed tending, so I drew these outlines of Africa and England. I wanted something simple since another big wall was very close by and is pretty busy.

See them peeking out up there? See them making it really obvious that I need to paint the banister? But I digress. Here's a closer view.

I made them with oil based pastel pencils, which are essentially very fancy crayons. They provide a consistency somewhat like what you'd get if you mixed a graphite pencil, a crayon, and oil paint. I drew the outline for my land masses and then smudged the line slightly to give it a little ooomph.

They aren't fancy, but I'm pleased with the turnout of this simple art project.

They are also not perfect. I could have smudged more evenly. I also could have drawn them to scale, but that would have required either a huge outline of Africa or a teensy outline of England, so I cheated a little.

Also, my oldest son pointed out that I'm missing some outlaying islands on both. So these are the mainlands I guess.

Sketch paper and frames from Michael's.


Katie Olthoff said...

LOVE this! My best friend's dad is from Kenya, and my friend's husband was born in the Philipines. This would be such a neat project for them, too!

And I love your gallery wall!

Annapolady said...


My Notting Hill said...

This turned out beautifully!

Annapolady said...

Thank you!