Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Wall of Unknown Portraits

During my holiday jaunts, I picked up two new pieces of art.  One is an original or hand painted reproduction - still researching. The other appears to be a giclee - I don't think the original artist would have chosen to present it quite as geographically flat as it is. There's texture, but not the tell tale globs of an oil painting. Maybe it's another technique? Unimportant.

What's important is that I am SO in love with them. Forgive my lack of camera skills (and my lack of a camera, period - my iPhone saved the day here).

They bring a rich pop of color to the wall they are on. Here's a closer look (a little more washed out):

The top piece shows three little ballerinas. I live with a little ballerina, so it immediately caught my eye. 

The bottom is a new thing for me. In general, I don't like paintings of human faces. The eyes follow me around the room and creep me out. Or, if the eyes aren't staring straight on, I get the icky feeling that the painting is watching me until the moment I turn to look at it.

Yes, I know I'm weird.

This Abstract? Impressionist? Not Realist! portrait is a safe way to tip my toes into the waters of figures and faces. Maybe I just won't look at her at night. :)  The work is signed by an Axton.

My lack of photography skills have sort of washed out and blurred the detail. In person, she's a woman looking down. Her face is done in a beautiful blue against an eggplant background, and the broad details of her shoulders, neck, nose, eyes, and hairline are highlighted in gold.

A quick Google search for Axton turned up John Axton, whose art displays the same rich colors, but I'm not sure if the style is the same. I'll do more research eventually and find out what's what.

Meanwhile, I'll be playing around with the stuff on the table below it and enjoying the colors now on that wall.

Pleased as punch. :)

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