Monday, March 10, 2014

Please Send Help

Thanks to this post on the fab design blog My Notting Hill, I was introduced to Polyvore.  It took approximately two seconds for me to become hooked, and slightly longer for me to throw together this room:Room One: Living

Room One: Living by annapolady featuring Golden Lighting

There was some trial and error and then there was a living room. Polyvore essentially lets you create mood boards for home, fashion, art, play - whatever strikes your fancy - and save them. It's like Pinterest for shopaholic wanna be designers named Annapolady.

I die. If I don't reappear for several weeks - send out a search and rescue. I'll be over by the sofas.


Katie Olthoff said...

gorgeous! I love the artwork the most. :)

Annapolady said...

Thank you! If it wasn't a totally kid-unfriendly room I might actually attempt to replicate it. :)