Saturday, March 1, 2014


So my eldest bought us a popcorn machine for Christmas. For various reasons, it took awhile to get here, and then we waited a week to fire it up, so today was the first day we made a batch.

A year or so ago, I'd switched from microwave popcorn bags because I was concerned about the carcinogens. I dunno - I'm sure test after test has been conducted and laboratory rats are living into retirement age, but something about a bag being laminated with metal and coated with flavoring started to seem unappealing - especially after I found out it's all a ruse.

You can make your own microwave popcorn with a plain paper bag. You don't need the fancy bag. You just need popcorn, oil, a lunchbag and a willingness to tweak the process until you get it perfect (takes maybe twice).

Now I've graduated to a fancy schmancy movie theater style popcorn maker, courtesy of Offspring 1.0.

It fits on the counter top. How cute is that? While it's popping, it looks like a steamy shower.

The popcorn is made with a tablespoon of oil. After it was popped, we added a little melted butter and a dash of salt and voila - add movie and stir.


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