Thursday, April 10, 2014

Actually, I WILL have some cheese with that....

No, I don't work for GearHungry, but I love browsing through the multiple cool products they post everyday. When I see one that especially gets me, I shall share.

Today, that is the Wineist Monthly Tasting Kit.

I used to belong to a Wine Appreciation Group (aptly nicknamed WAG). We met once a month-ish. Attendees brought a bottle along as their date, we covered the labels and drank tasted. At the end of the meeting we'd select a winner.

Before today, I might have said a solo wine tasting experience sounded kind of boring (and maybe a bit concerning).  Now, I kinda feel like that box of minis is way too cute to remain in a warehouse somewhere, waiting for me to buy it.

Wineist has a cool graphic on their website explaining how it all works. In a nutshell: you subscribe, they send you wines based on a certain theme that changes each month. You drink taste.

You can receive individual tasting kits or kits meant for a group, if drinking wine alone makes you feel like Helen Sharp before she drank the potion.



kgiff said...

Now this is a subscription box I can get behind!

Tulips said...

Not sure to thank you or blame you for introducing me to GearHungry.