Monday, April 14, 2014

House Drool

I wander through Real Estate listings even though I have no plans to move whatsoever, and came across this gawgeous townhome in Atlanta, GA. Be still my hearty.

Is that in Atlanta, or in Italy? That facade is stunning.

Drinks on that balcony? Obviously.

One of my best friends lives in Atlanta, which to me is as good an excuse as any to call the realtor, but alas, I'm stuck on Annapolis. Perhaps infinitesimally less since seeing this photos, but stuck nonetheless in every way that's good.

Listing found here (love me some Craigslist).


Tulips said...

Where is this house in Atlanta? Clearly, you should buy it.

Tulips said...

Found the location in the Craigslist listing. I approve....of the distance to my house.