Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I Can See Your Future

Totally random (as if every one of my posts isn't):

Today I realized that Craigslist is a handy tool to see what your new furniture might look like after a few years of real life use. Observe:

The Silhouette Sofa from Crate & Barrel new:


A used Silhouette Sofa for sale on the Washington, DC Craigslist page:


The color now offered is different, so it's possible there's been a fabric upgrade. Otherwise, it seems things get a little wrinkly. Possibly not a big deal once pillows and perhaps a decorative throw are added.

Of course, a caveat: how furniture looks over the years is dependent both on the piece's original quality and the owner's care taking. If you're like me (a person with Tasmanian devils for roommates), such glimpses into the future of a well loved sofa can help set expectations and assist in the overall selection process. The Silhouette Sofa is regularly priced at $899.00. While not the cheapest, it's several thousand dollars below other sofas from mainstream stores; a few wrinkles may be worth it to avoid having to manage an active family against something precious.

Also, when I did some browsing to find more examples, I found a lot of pieces that sellers listed as just a few years old in age were no longer available to purchase new. I'm sure there are various reasons, but that tells me retailers are paying attention to how things wear (and hopefully continually improving quality).

Anyway, I'll tuck my brilliant-to-me idea away when I'm next shopping for something. Even if the Craigslist piece is not precisely the same model currently for sale, a quick look see can provide good information about how a store's upholstered and case furniture tends to hold up over time.

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