Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Quick Fix

I'm rather fond of the moody grey color I chose for the walls of one of my powder rooms.

Pic in low light... sorry. The color is Gray Squirrel by Martha Stewart (Glidden).  I also love the way the red coral pops against the gray.

Above the toilet, I have another piece that I think is very fun against the wall.

But wait. What is that above the frame?

Not so sexy. That's a screw, and dents I made trying to remove the screw, which I'm pretty sure is embedded in a plumbing pipe. Tip: There are probably pipes in the wall behind your toilet, especially if you live in a two story home and there is a toilet above it on the next floor. If you're going to add art to the wall behind your toilet, please proceed more carefully than I did.

I haven't been able to extract the screw, and I eventually decided maybe I shouldn't, as it's probably plugging the hole I created when I put it in. I don't think it's leaking, so I'm letting sleeping screws lie.

I pretty much immediately figured I'd cover the nail with a small ceramic animal, preferably nautical. On Friday, I came across this in the Anne Arundel Medical Center's gift shop, of all places. I swear, it is the best hospital gift shop I have ever been in. I also bought myself earrings. Oh, and something for the newborn I was visiting, of course.

He's cute, right? As long as we don't discuss how I'm breaking my rule about buying more decorative animals.

I thought he looked best with the claws pointing down, but it didn't fit over the nail very well that way, so this crab is crawling UP the wall.

Crabbie has a hollowed out hole in his center that fit over the nail, and conveniently has two little openings that I used to insert two dark gray screws (very short ones that are not in the plumbing, I promise).

Better. At least until we get a plumber in.

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