Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Odds Are Ever In Our Favor


This is what I try to tell my daughter, who is six and in possession of an imagination the world's greatest storytellers would envy.

She is mostly unafraid, jumping confidently into the middle of a crowd of kids to play, getting her pint sized groove on in the middle of a dance floor. She assumes people like her - and even when they don't, even when a mean kid or even a nice kid who just doesn't mesh with her comes along, she refuses to acknowledge it in the moment. Later, she will tell me, "Mary used to be mean to me, but I just stopped playing with her so much so it was okay." And she's totally non phased, unlike her mother, who waged a presidential scale campaign to be liked for the better part of thirty years.

But just like the little girl with the curl who was very good when she was good but possessed by green demons when she was not, when my little miss is afraid, she pulls out the big dogs.

This morning, entering my room in tears. A bad dream? No. She wanted to know what we would do if a tornado came and broke all of her toys. I told her there were no tornadoes expected in Annapolis at the moment. Ante upped: So did that mean tornadoes will never come to Annapolis?

Tightrope. Tightrope. Must find an answer that is true but does not make matters worse. "Well, I can't say never, but for our state it hasn't happened in a really long time."

She wanted to know what my plan is if the car goes over the railing and we fall off a bridge. Screaming. Screaming is my plan. But I just told her I had no intention of falling off a bridge, which is true.

She runs from bees but isn't too scared, yet asks what would happen if a bear broke into the house (see above screaming plan if you're curious).

The good news is that her huge fears are, for the most part, things very unlikely to happen. Lightening does strike houses routinely but very rarely does it travel in a linear fashion through various rooms to hunt down specific little girls. And she has thankfully grown out of that phase where she questioned me about ghosts and what that sound was. Now I don't feel like I have to have every light in the house ablaze when my husband isn't home.

She's a firecracker, this one.  A firecracker who will probably never sit too close to a fireworks show.

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