Monday, May 5, 2014

Things You Don't Realize You Need Volume I

New feature. Every so often, I will post items that fit two criteria: mostly useless, and completely cool.

I found Pop Chart Lab on my travels. They sell prints, housewares, and apparel that are emblazoned with random bits of information you only realize you wanted to know after reading them.

A mash up of Carrie Bradshaw's shoe collection? They have that.

Or maybe you want a quick reference to the various fake beer brands in TV and movies.

Maybe you need a tee shirt sporting pics of every game controller known to humankind.

Bonus: when you visit their site, they allow you to zoom full screen into their images, so you can dissect the intricacies of The Grand Taxanomy of Rap Names before you buy.

All images from Pop Chart Lab

(You can thank me later.)

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