Thursday, May 8, 2014

Wishing Well

So apparently I have an Amazon wish list that I forgot about entirely. It was interesting to check this list and find out what I wanted between December 2nd, 2009 and November 11th, 2012.

Westclox 80193 Vintage Antique AM/FM Alarm Clock
Status: Still Want

I've been dragging my feet for, well, over three years on this one. There are so many vintage style clocks and only one commitment challenged me.

Nickel-plated 7 Days Pill Box
Status: ?

I can't even make up a reason why I would think I needed that.

Reversible Meat Tenderizer
Status: ??

So... yeah. I've never tenderized any meat and have no plans to. This probably made the list solely because it is shiny. This should explain a lot about me.

727 Fifth Avenue Purse Pen
Status: Oh, come on.

I don't even like writing with skinny pens. I'm not dainty. I feel like my fingers shouldn't be a threat to a pen's safety. This probably made the list solely because it's a Tiffany item, which again should explain quite a bit. At any rate, this pen is no longer available (presumably because everyone found it too thin).

Tiffany Voile Oval sunglasses
Status: If you're willing, I wouldn't say no.

These are fabulous but no longer available.

Pottery Barn Sumatra Dresser
Status: I was apparently abducted by aliens?*

Not only do I have no recollection of ever wanting this, but I already have a dresser that is nearly identical, and I owned that dresser before I added the PB version to my list.

*Would also explain recurrent fatigue, if Star Trek's visions were accurate.

All images via the retailers listed. All rationale apparently non existent.


Alison said...

This cracked me up because the same thing happened to me a year ago. I found a random wish list I made years back and I couldn't figure out what I was thinking with 80% of the items. Also happened when we registered for our wedding, went to Williams Sonoma and come to find out I made a fake registry years back. It was also entertaining to look at though embarrassing to admit to my now husband!

Annapolady said...

LOL about the fake registry! "Um, miss? We already have you on the list?" But now I'm kind of tempted to go make a fake registry myself. :)