Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Blackwall Hitch

A new restaurant, Blackwall Hitch, opened in Annapolis a few weeks ago. The kids had a half day at school, so I took my little budding restaurant critics with me to check it out for lunch. They can highly recommend the pizza, which comes with or without pepperoni. Five grade school stars.

The food was good, but I was captivated by the decor. I live in a coastal town. There is a lot of nautical stuff around. Effecting a calm nautical vibe requires discipline, else you end up eating crabs from crab shaped plates that sit atop boat shaped tables. Red Lobster for the seafood decorator in you.

Blackwall Hitch calls their digs "urban chic vibe." While there's a lot going on... nautical slash English tube station (there is one called Blackwall, actually) slash urban slash chic, it manages to be understated and calm. There were actual blank walls. You never see that in a restaurant (and you certainly don't see it often in my own house).

The main scheme is white brick walls, black upholstery, and white or weathered wood, with cool little clicks of color like the ice blue Ball jar drinking glasses used for water. Take a look. They are soon to open one in Old Town Alexandria, VA, too, and I'm curious to see if they'll replicate their "I'm cool without even trying" vibe there, too.

Images from their Facebook page unless otherwise noted.

The cream dining chairs are mismatched at each table. The black banquette seating at the booths is comfortable and chic.

Stripes are the patron decorating saint of the coast.

via The Capital Gazette
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Pretty sure we'll be back.

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Dee said...

I don't get to Annapolis often, but that is one place I'd love to have dinner at. I was born and raised in Baltimore and I still find myself in Maryland a lot so thanks for sharing. It looks like a really fun spot.