Monday, June 23, 2014

If I Wasn't Here: Five Big Cities

Wanderlust will never truly leave me, and I think about new places all the time.  If I had my way, I would do a tour of the following cities, living about six months in each before coming home.

1. Barcelona, Spain
I've long had a love affair with this city I've never visited. I just think we'd get along beautifully.


2. San Francisco, California
A friend once described this city as "the charm on America's chain," and I've never forgotten it. Multiple trips here have revealed it to be true.


3. New York, New York
I'm not including a touristy photo of New York because once you mention a desire to live in New York, invariably someone who lived there will tick off all the reasons you shouldn't. Yes, I know it's expensive (see San Fran above, also ridiculously pricey). Yes, I know the square footage of my private life would shrink to minuscule proportions and I'd probably have to walk up seven flights of stairs a day and set rat traps in the apartment I could afford. Dude: it's New York. These are the things you do to live there. I could deal for six months.

I could squeeze into this teensy kitchen, I could love the brick wall view.

4. London, England
The city that produced my husband and that has in common with New York the cost and tight spaces: I love it. My husband points out the ways our lives would change, including living a lot of the year under a cloak of rain and fog, and I reply, "But we'd be doing that in London." Totally worth it. Especially for six months, but I do admit I'd try to schedule those six months in summer.


5. Tokyo, Japan
All of my big city dreams are near the water, whether it be an ocean, a bay, or a river, and Tokyo is no exception. I've never been to Tokyo or Japan, but I've long wanted to go. I think a six month stint would be a great way to learn and love the city. Totally game.


I also have five small towns I'd love to spend a chunk of time in. Another post!


Brandi said...

You pretty much named all the places I'd like to travel to as well. I've only been to NYC before. I used to live in New Jersey so trips to the city happened frequently. Hope you get to visit all the places you mentioned. And as always thank you kindly for stopping by my blog and leaving such sweet comments. I really appreciate you.

Annapolady said...

Thanks, Brandi! I really enjoy your blog.