Thursday, July 17, 2014

And this... why I love thrift shopping.

I popped into Goodwill on my way home and saw four Threshold jute baskets from Target waiting for me to take them home. Goodwill's price was $7.99 each.

They aren't available at Target anymore (except perhaps in the clearance aisle for however much), but Target used to sell them for $19.99 per, according to Wanelo, an online shopping site (also the source of the photo below).

Here they are waiting for inspiration. It's kind of like Waiting For Godot sometimes, but I'm keeping the faith.

Baskets are miracle workers. They take a stack of magazines and make them look intentional, as opposed to, well, a stack of magazines you really should have enough discipline to toss into the recycling bin but you don't because you love leafing through your stacks of magazines.

Must get a camera.

Must get some skills.

The good news is I'll never have to do a "keeping it real" post because my photos are already keeping it real. Ha.

Anyway, saving $55 and change is not a bad win for a ten minute stop, which is yet another example of why I puffy heart thrifting.


kgiff said...

Great score!

Brandi said...

Great finds, Dawn! The Goodwill in my area rarely has Target leftovers. I need to come to your area to shop, but that would involve a plane or long car ride, so um yeah!!!

Annapolady said...

If I had the time and money to shop thrift stores across the country... I'd be in trouble!

Karen said...

I too love GW, always find a treasure there!
I'm with you...have to improve my camera skills!

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