Tuesday, August 5, 2014

There Once Was A Girl From....

I'm from New Jersey.

I'm from New York.

I'm from Georgia.

I'm from Maryland.

My father worked for Xerox, and we moved. Not a lot as compared to military children (we once met a family who had moved nineteen times). A lot, however, compared to people who grew up in one place.

It's easy to confuse someone, especially on social media, where I'll connect with people and comment on things as if I'm from an area, and the person thinks I'm from somewhere else. "I thought you were from--?" is a common question. "I'm so confused," wrote one person.

I find people who are from one place kind of fascinating. They went to elementary school, middle school and then high school within a relatively small radius. I'm probably raising two people like that, who will grow up and Face-or-whatever-book about how "you know you're from Annapolis when...." People who have a place in their blood.

I know I'm from the east coast. I'm hip and The Beach Boys really dig those styles I wear.

Other than that, where I'm from depends on what we're talking about. And who I'm talking to. Or how where you're from is currently being defined. Sometimes it's where you were born (one place), other times it's where you grew up (three places). Sometimes it's just me remembering something significant that happened when I lived... there.

Raising my youngest kids in Annapolis means I'll probably whittle down to a single answer when I'm old. I'll be in the old ladies' home during social hour, and I'll say I'm from Annapolis.

And someone will answer, "I thought you were from New Jersey? I'm so confused."


Katie @ On the Banks of Squaw Creek said...

I have Hamilton County, Iowa, in my blood and I love it!

But I wish I could travel more.

Unknown said...

:). I always crack up when my students say "I was born in DC, but now I live in Maryland". WHAT???