Monday, September 15, 2014

72 Rapid Fire Questions

I came across these the other day and really enjoyed them.

Basic premise: Vogue magazine sends out a journalist who presents a series of quick questions to a noteworthy person. The result is a stream of consciousness type interview instead of the well thought out, sometimes canned sounding responses you usually encounter.  Throughout the interview, various extra people insert questions, too, and it's all pretty fun and delicious.

Not sure if Vogue plans to add more of these interviews to the menu. So far there are five.

All images via IMDB

Sarah Jessica Parker, who prefers dogs to cats but kittens to puppies, and who's interview gives a sneak glimpse of her historic New York townhouse.

Danielle Radcliffe, who asks, "Who chooses kittens?" and plays ping pong pretty well.
Olivia Munn, who's favorite non living artist is Tupac and who likes keeping her floors scuff free.

Blake Lively, who would like to have coffee with Eleanor Roosevelt and interviews in the reporter's apartment, which has a fabulous dining table.

And my favorite is Anna Wintour, whom I find fascinating, and who likes New York springs.


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