Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Boy's Room

Every now and then I wander around the house taking photos, wondering if my photography skills have magically improved on their own.

They haven't.

This is one reason I tend to focus on detail shots, which are more forgiving. The other reason is that in general, my house is often too messy to photograph. It's not dirty, there's just a lot of stuff. And the more than occasional unmade bed. Spots that I like overall need more attention than my spur of the moment photo sessions will allow.

Like my youngest son's dresser.

That's a package of animal crackers on the right, in case you couldn't tell.

But overall, I like the little touches that have been borne of his growing personality. His room is a little gender specific (well okay... very gender specific) but in most cases the personality preceded the d├ęcor and not the other way around. He like cars and trucks and things that go, as well as sports.

Side by side photos of the youngest and the eldest son (about four years ago for the youngest; about seventeen years ago for the eldest). And a neat little paper mache helicopter I found while thrifting one day.

A segment of an in progress "poster wall." I wanted him to have a spot for the posters that he gets out of the newspaper, but also wanted to combine it with prints to add texture and dimension. His latest prized possession is the Navy Football poster he had signed by each player and the coaching staff at a recent event.

A part of his growing brag collection. We have these little medals seemingly all over the house. Right now our children only participate in clinic style sports, where the focus is on learning technique and not on competition. For this purpose I can't recommend I9 Sports enough, especially for those families who for whatever reason are not ready to dive into the challenging schedules of competitive sports. Our kids are likely going to choose to play sports for a looooong time, so we figure we can ease into it soon enough. That being said, they do play games with I9 and it's fun to cheer the teams on.

My oldest son left the family abode over a year ago, and I hadn't done anything to his room. I've finally put on my big girl pants and decided to morph his room into a bona fide guest room, which we haven't had since the twins were born. No more frantic room cleaning sessions when we have a guest! Yay! Except I have a bit of effort to put in to take the room from a teenaged boy's bedroom to a relaxing guest retreat. So far, these three objects represent everything I've done:

I will report back, hopefully before time has flown and I'm working on decorating for my grandchildren.

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