Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Reliable Breakfast

Breakfast is hard for me. When I do get in a mood to cook, it's never in the morning. Cereal isn't a good choice for me, and the options for a hot breakfast sandwich on the go tend to be greasy, fatty, and just generally unhealthy. Not that I'm against greasy, fatty, generally unhealthy things altogether--but they have to at least taste good. The ones I've tried all taste like baked cardboard covered in melted cheese.

Enter oatmeal. I didn't like it much as a child; I'd eat it pretty much plain with maybe some white sugar on top. Hello, paste. A little creativity, however, can net you a great portable breakfast (portable as in take it to work and eat it at your desk. This is not a meal for the car. In fact, few things work as meals for your car that don't involve french fries. This is a truth you should just accept right now and move on).

Anyway, I add cranberries, whatever kind of nuts I'm in the mood for, and a little bit of brown sugar to my oatmeal. All in a Rubbermaid, sans water, add lid and go.

That one's a bit heavy on the cranberries. They are a weakness. But underneath them is a healthy amount of oatmeal, I promise.

What makes this breakfast reliable is that if I don't get around to the two minute prep at home, I can also find basically the same thing at Starbucks.

via Starbucks.com

It comes with a bag of nuts, a bag of cranberries, a bag of brown sugar, and steel cut oats in a paper cup. I order it without water and add hot water when I get where I'm going to avoid mushiness.

Filling, easy (an absolute must), non greasy. What's not to love?

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Brandi said...

I love oatmeal for breakfast too. My kids eat it a lot and prefer it over cereal. I rarely make my own and take the easy way out and buy the instant packets from Publix. Your bowl looks delicious. Next time I'll have to throw a few dried cranberries in there.