Friday, September 19, 2014

Things You Don't Realize You Need Volume II

The folks over at Gear Hungry seemed to post this without laughing (in print, anyway), so I'll try to, too.

Zombie Safe Zone Maps are created by Design Different and apparently showcase the route to and location of, well, safe zones in the event of a zombie apocalypse.



I still don't get the whole zombie thing, probably because I don't watch The Walking Dead. I'm a little behind on my TV viewing. I don't know precisely how zombies are created but mostly I don't get why people run from them.

You see, I have a whole plan for dealing with monsters, and it basically involves becoming a monster yourself. Yes. So whatever it is that made those other people be zombies, drink some of that and become a zombie. Then you don't have to worry about running from zombies and you can just hang out. Of course, this doesn't work on every type of monster. You can't just become Godzilla. I don't think. But for zombies, this is really the only plan you should be considering.

Should you decide not to take my uninformed advice, then maybe a stylish map that leads you to safety is for you after all.

Just carry a flask of zombie poison with you juuuuust in case.

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Brandi said...

LOL! My husband is big fan of Walking Dead and there is some Zombie walk/run thing that my daughter and her friends want to do. I should probably jump on board with them, huh?!