Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A {Craigslist} Birdcage In The Hand

Look at this beautiful vintage Chinese birdcage I saw on Craigslist Annapolis (warning: this link won't work forever).

Now in general, I'm not a birdcage fan unless there is an actual bird in it. I'm boring. I tend to like mailboxes for letters and trees for Christmas ornaments, etc. A birdcage sitting in the corner sans feathers looks beautiful but why isn't it doing anything? ADD Girl, reporting for duty.

This one knocks me over with a feather (natch) into the For Display Purposes Only world. Which sent me Googling. I would up over at Tidbits and Twine and a whole page of birdcage yumminess. A few favorites:

I am probably not going to buy the Craigslist birdcage. I think. But I'm definitely starting to see the appeal.

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