Friday, November 21, 2014

Random Remembrance

As a child, if I got stuck I would think I was destined to be stuck forever. Like if I was tugging off a sweater, and I couldn't get it off my head, I'd start thinking, "What if I'm stuck in this sweater for the rest of my life?"

I would be still and try to imagine what life would be like if my face was permanently covered by a sweater. Eventually it would occur to me that my mother would probably cut the sweater off with scissors and I would be free.

And once that occurred to me, I'd somehow magically be able to slip out of the sweater on my own.

So I guess when I am feeling stuck, feeling mired in some minutiae of life perhaps, I need only realize that I am already free to do as I wish, and can slip into what I want as soon as I am ready.


1 comment:

Brandi said...

And it's just as simple as that! I need to have those words tattooed on my forehead.

Thank you so much for always leaving such sweet comments on my blog. It truly means so much to me.