Thursday, February 5, 2015

All Because

I saw a sign bearing this image the other day.


And I thought, yep. Pretty much.

It was right after my twins had alerted me to the cracked and chipped glass on a framed print in our entry hall. It was one of those, "Look, mommy! How in the world did that happen?" moments.  They were quick to confess to various activities (indoor scooter riding, indoor football spiking) that in theory, could have resulted in broken glass but, according to them, did not. Of this they were sure.

So when I saw these words a couple of hours later, I had to chuckle. I thought about the person in Malaysia who had framed the print in my hallway, and how they would feel about their hard work being punctured by something that was definitely not a misbehaving twin, if the twins are to be believed.

All because two people fell in love. It just made me smile.

And oh. As for the twins' proclaimed innocence, this mama knows better. Also: I'll be replacing the print with something that doesn't rely on glass for display.

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