Wednesday, February 18, 2015


It's some unprintable expletive temperature out there with snow on the ground. Good a time as any to talk swimwear, right?

Obviously, if the following photograph pops up on your Facebook feed in February, it's going to catch your attention. It did mine.

Swimsuits for different bodies? Sold. Where do I click?

ModCloth is the store behind the curtain here. A quick look at their About Us page notes that "Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of ModCloth, Susan Gregg Koger employs her creative edge and love for vintage to inform all things ModCloth — from its careful curation of retro goods to the look and feel of the site and mobile apps."

And cute swimsuits for a variety of shapes and sizes.

I'm not a stylist; maybe you would pick out six different suits entirely. But I think we can agree on one thing: Ah, summer. Soon come (please).

All images via ModCloth. 
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Brandi said...

Great picks! My daughter just told me about them.