Friday, March 20, 2015

Let me tell you something.

People like to say that life is too short. I say it too. But I've realized that for most people, life is not too short.

Life is tens of thousands of days. If you live to be 68, which most people still consider young, you will have lived twenty five thousand days.  Yes, maybe you took the first five thou or so to get your wits together. That's still Twenty. Thousand. Days.

That's millions of kisses and hugs. That's billions of opportunities to smile. That's trillions of nuances in the weather, catching snowflakes on your tongue or dancing across hot sand. That's twenty thousand times you get to wake up, throw a saddle on the day, and ride at a full gallop, a fun trot, a quiet walk into twenty thousand nights.

Life is not short. Life is a long, meandering stroll, and it's up to us to link arms and make the most of it as we go along.


kgiff said...

Beautiful Post

Katie @ On the Banks of Squaw Creek said...

I love this, Dawn!

Brandi said...

Well said! Beautifully written, Dawn.

Brandi said...

Well said! Beautifully written, Dawn.

Dee said...

Great post and so true.

Have a great week... :)