Tuesday, March 3, 2015

This is what the end of my rope looks like.

I just want to hang a sign on my life that says I am closed for the season. It's been a rough winter. Not as rough as it's been for people in Boston and points north, because comparatively, we haven't seen that much snow. But it's been a rough winter for Annapolis. We are used to hot summers and cool, but not frigid, winters. The average high in February is 46 degrees.

It doesn't even take the fingers of one hand to count the number of days we were above 40 in February, and March seems determined to follow suit, at least initially.


I can't remember the last time my kids had a full week of school with no delays and no closings. Last night, our deck furniture looked as if someone had painstakingly painted on a coating of ice. It was beautiful.

It was horrible.

I found the above jpeg on The Pages of Avalon. New blog to me and I'll check it out, but I found this poem there and it lifted my spirits.


“Closed for the winter”
 Windows salt sea stained,
Doors all closed and shuttered
Puddles where it has rained.

Paper blowing down the street
Sand blowing from the beach,
Sea birds soaring and dipping
A sad and mournful screech.

Grey skies and murky waters
Wind blowing from the sea
“Closed for the winter”
Brings contemplation to me.

Two brave souls walking
On a jetty sprayed with foam
Happy to be walking
Yet happy to go home.

A coffee shop all cosy
With warmth inside its door
Breakfast available and ready
All this and so much more.

No outside tables and umbrellas
No shade from the blistering sun,
Just a bleak and forlorn picture
With winter nearly done.

The winter will not last
And signs will be taken down
Windows washed and shining
A summer sun beating down.

Children will play and splash
In the water on lengthening days ~
 “Closed for the winter” will be just a memory
Which will fade in the summer heat haze.

© Linda J. Vaughan Winter 2003

Soon come.

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Brandi said...

I hear ya, Dawn! It's been cold here too. Luckily the last few days we had spring-like weather. I don't mind the cold though, really. Because when it gets warm here, the mosquitoes come out. UGH...