Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Small Change

There was nothing technically wrong with the pulls on the side table.

They were "brass" and round and traditional and did the job fine. But then I was wandering around HomeGoods and found something a little more fun, and voila.

A teensy tiny change that helped brighten a corner. Let's see if I can show the detail close up.

Eh. Camera phones. But you get the gist. Sort of an iridescent shell imprint. Thingy. The technical term "Thingy" is always an appropriate description.

Anyway, yay for small changes.


Brandi said...

They do make a difference! I saw some knobs in Target the other day that were calling my name. Too bad I had no use for them. I felt like buying them and just storing them, but then again my husband calls me a hoarder so I left them!!!!

My Notting Hill said...

Those are nice!

Monique said...

I need to go to Home Goods, there's one a 15 minute drive away and yet I've never been. I like the new distressed knobs.