Monday, January 11, 2016

To Everything, Turn.

Well I blinked, and somehow almost six months have gone by.

We're settling down around here, pulling up the quilt of dark mornings and freezing nights. Our winter shows are on and a lot of tea is being consumed around these parts. My Amazon invoices are heavier with books and a cup of soup seems like plenty after weeks of dip and wine.

I'll complain soon, like I do every year. The cold will have permeated my skin and settled into my bones, and I'll pull up housing listings in Miami. Our coats will grow to weigh a million pounds and even if I can find the match to a sock, the pair won't warm my toes.

Then just when I've had enough, an osprey will return to its nest over a pier. It'll be darker later and the kids, taller by an inch, will coax their parents down to the beach in weather still too chilly. But we'll be almost just as willing, stamping warmth into our feet as a bon fire gamely tries to flourish and the pizza delivery guy looks at us like we're nuts as he sets down steaming pies. The water will be barely warmer than ice and the wind chill will deliver a sucker punch, but the geese will be squawking and the sky will be amazing, so we'll stand down the remnants of winter and reclaim our shore.

And the thing is, I know we wouldn't appreciate that day if it weren't for today, with it's high in the thirties and the ice on the edges of the street. So come on, winter. Do your thing. I appreciate your place in the circle.

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